Dear Neighbor,

When I served on the EUSD board, I fought to make sure Escondido students were always at the center of our district's decision making. Working together, we were able to invest in campus safety and security measures, make sure that teachers and administrators are accountable for academic achievement, parents and families had choice in what schools their children attend, and our district was always operated in a fiscally responsible way.

It takes hard work and tested leadership, but we can deliver results for Escondido families and make sure our students thrive.

I am running to once again serve on the Escondido Union School Board because I believe Escondido schools can be among the best and brightest in the nation.

I am a mother, an educator, and a student advocate—and I am once again asking to be your voice on the Escondido Union School Board.

I hope to earn your vote.

-Zesty Harper

Join Zesty in the fight for Great Escondido Schools



About Zesty


Born and raised in Escondido, Zesty Harper is a product of Escondido public schools. After graduating from Escondido Charter, Zesty earned her bachelor's degree in education from Cal State University San Marcos. She began her career as a middle school teacher.

Zesty is married and the proud mother of three girls, all students here in Escondido. After taking a break in her career to raise her kids, Zesty returned to work as a small businesswoman and realtor.


Zesty was elected to the Escondido Union School Board in 2014 and served until 2018. While serving on the board, Zesty helped move EUSD in the right direction.

Under her leadership, EUSD increased test scores, secured all campuses with fencing and additional safety measures, added an additional resource officer, remained financially stable without any layoffs, implemented a one-to-one iPad initiative, reestablished a GATE program, revitalized campuses with bond revenue, adopted new curriculum to improve achievement, and expanded enrichment programs in robotics, arts and. coding, and more.


Zesty is currently a member of the Escondido Union School District Personnel Commission and on the board of Freedom Frontline, a non-profit focused on promoting civic education to students in the region.


When not working and advocating for Escondido students, Zesty can likely be found at the softball fields, watching and supporting her three student athletes.

Zesty's Supporters

Mark Olson, Vice President

Escondido Union School Board

Joan Gardner, Trustee

Escondido Union School Board

Paulette Donnellon, Trustee

San Diego County Board of Education


Tina Inscoe, Deputy Mayor

City of Escondido

Mike Morasco, Councilman

City of Escondido

Lee DeMeo, Trustee

Fallbrook Union High School District

Gina Roberts, Director

Valley Center Fire Protection District

Tina Pope, President

Escondido Union High School Board

Christi Knight, Vice President

Escondido Union High School Board

Bill Durney, Trustee

Escondido Union High School Board

Jon Peterson, Trustee

Escondido Union High School Board

Dane White, Trustee

Escondido Union High School Board

Christian Garcia, Trustee

Palomar Community College Board

Partial List


Zesty's Priorities

Campus Safety.png

When Zesty served on the school board, she spearheaded efforts to improve campus safety by investing in fencing and additional resource officers. She will continue that work and make student safety and security the #1 priority. Students can’t learn if they are not in safe and secure classrooms and campuses. As a school board trustee, Zesty will make sure bond revenue is spent on campus improvements that guarantee the safety and security of our students.

Academic Achievement.png

Zesty is a strong believer in setting high standards for academic achievement that push students and teachers to excel. There is no reason that Escondido schools should not be performing at the same level as the schools located on the coast. Zesty will make sure the district is rewarding teachers who deliver positive academic results. With accountability and collaboration, Zesty will make sure we are improving academic performance in Escondido.

Fiscal Responsibility.png

Zesty has overseen millions of dollars in campus reinvestments and many years of balanced budgets. She has the experience needed to make fiscally responsible decisions and utilize precious educational dollars effectively. Zesty will make sure that the district is living within it’s means and the long-term fiscal sustainability of Escondido schools is protected.

Mental Health.png

Coming out of COVID, student mental health and wellbeing needs to be a top priority. We can not repeat the mistakes of the pandemic. Zesty is committed to supporting student mental health and making sure our campuses have the resources needed to provide supportive services to students. Zesty is a proponent of anti-bullying programs that make sure students are respectful and compassionate towards their peers.

School Choice.png

Zesty strongly believes in school choice and has supported local charter schools to increase innovation, competition, and choice in Escondido public schools. As a graduate of local charter schools, Zesty knows that there is not one single formula that works for all students and local charters serve as laboratories of innovation from which best practices can be developed and adopted . Zesty understands charters are not right for every student, and many Escondido students will thrive in a traditional educational environments, but believes that choice is key. Zesty will always advocate for providing parents and families with options.